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Northern uniform service.

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Mmm, just at the base, though.
Its kinda funny shaped, dont you think? she asked.
I guess it is, I replied.
Laura really likes it.
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For those of you that havent read the previous stories and arent familiar with Brets tool, let me explain.

Flaccid, his dick looks normal enough.
But when he gets hard, the base swells up disproportionately, giving his member a conical shape.
Laura loves getting him deep inside her cunt so that the base of his cock stretches her out.

Our discussion, the sight of Denises open pussy, and now the thought of Laura riding Brets cock were all conspiring to make my semi-erection less semi and more erect. Beautifull blonde cum orgy.
This was not lost on Denise, who kept glancing down at my increasing stiffness.

It feels wonderful when its all the way up inside you, she said.
Laura said that, too, I replied.
She likes fucking him.
Denise leaned toward me and put her hand on my leg.
You like watching her fuck, dont you? she asked.

I felt the blood rising in my cock.
I do, I replied.
I love watching her have sex.
She looks gorgeous with a hard cock in her mouth Jannaskylar0 xxxgrl..
Or her pussy.
Or both.
And I love watching her with a woman.
You two are incredibly hot together.

Denise smiled and slid her hand up my leg until she was almost touching my dick.
Which do you like better, watching her with a guy or a girl? she asked.
I thought for a minute.

Well, for myself, I like having two women.
Sometimes more.
And Laura is totally into women, so that works out.

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Northern uniform service.