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My heart sank.
Pete, we can do this calmly and easily, or we can get physical if you want to fight it, the leader said firmly.
With that they surrounded me, grabbed my legs and arms, and carried me—nude—away.
Where are we going? What are you doing? I practically cried.

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Just cooperate and itll be fine.
And Happy Birthday, by the way, they laughed.

I was carried naked out of the locker room and down a hall that connected the cafeteria near the student bathrooms.

Adults never came down here, but all the students who have lunch pass by here.
They stopped in front of a decorative wall piece that had some type of metal fencing on it.

It was at the end of the hallway with the respective bathrooms on either side. Teacher pussy is a very very tasty.
Girls came from the left, boys from the right.
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They held me against the fencing and spread my legs apart and my arms away from my sides.
They had those plastic ties and secured my ankles and wrists to the fencing.

They hung a sign around my neck that read: ITS MY BIRTHDAY.

And then they left and I was all alone in the hallway.
That is until the bell rang, and the lunch period started, then the hallway filled up.
Guys and girls headed to the bathroom and saw me and laughed.
Some took pictures.
The bolder girls gave my cock a few strokes.

Being exposed like that and having girls—and some guys—stroking me made me immediately hard.
It was of course the hardest erection I ever had.
I was probably pushing eight inches that day.
Most guys just sneered and wouldnt touch me for fear of being labeled gay.

Most of the gay guys just looked and walked by since they understood bullying.
One of them went to tell the supervisor, Mrs.

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