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The scene that had unfolded before her aroused Katja in ways she couldnt explain, or understand.
Her need to cum was steadily increasing.
I stood up and removed the Japanese thong that was bunched to the side Sonias swollen, slick pussy.

We wont need this anymore, I looked down at Katja and smirked, Sonia is such a dirty girl.
Shes a filthy whore, dont you agree, Katja? Katja averted my gaze and couldnt bring herself to answer the question.
Up until the moment she had heard me call Sonia a whore, that word had disgusted her.

She thought it to be degrading to all women. Reggae singles dating.
But, in the context that it was used in, and Sonias reaction to all the filthy acts I had performed on her body, much to her delight, Katja, thought it not only fitting, but arousing.

Cat got your tongue, Katja?

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I purposefully pressed her for a verbal reply when I saw the unmistakable look of shame on her face.
Say it, Katja.
I want to hear you call Sonia a whore.
With her eyes closed and her head turned away from me, Katja shook her head.

She just couldnt Hotrod420 lesbiansfree video who might want to chat live. bring herself to call her friend a whore.
As much as listening to her friend being called a whore excited her, it felt so wrong for her to speak the words.
Hmm, do you need convincing to answer my question, Katja?

I am sure Sonia explained to you in excruciating detail what I do to stubborn, uncooperative whores.
Katja swallowed hard and held her breath.
I had indirectly called her a whore.

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