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I pushed harder and the door opened.
I walked into the room.
Besides a very soft light in the corner of the room, it was dark.

I walked past the bathroom.
It was only then I could see the bed.
The cover was pulled down.

Samantha was lying on the bed wearing only a sheer black negligee.
I could clearly see the contours of her breasts through the flimsy material, as well as the baldness of her shaved pussy.

I looked at her face and for the first time I noticed she was also wearing a black blindfold.

She had obviously heard me come in the room.
She half whispered, Master ? I struggled to find my voice and replied as domineering as I could.
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I saw she recognized my voice and her face relaxed.
She had guessed right.
We did not say anything after that.

I took off my clothes and stood beside the bed.
My cock had apparently not been too much affected by the shock and was standing up. Personal mob no for sex chat.
I felt it and it was hard like a rock.
I sat beside her face on my knees.

I moved my dick in the direction of her mouth.
She had not moved at all so far.
She turned her head in the direction of my cock, fully anticipating what she was going to have to do.
She started to lift her right hand.

I told her, No, only with your mouth.
I moved closer until the tip of my cock was brushing her lips.
She very, very slowly opened her mouth and I moved my cock further in.

Inside her mouth her tongue was making circles around the head of my dick.
She was tasting my precum.
As she was slowly licking my dick, I again looked at her.

I had been right in my assessment of her body.
Her breasts Mom cleaning. were very large with small, hard nipples.
She was slim but not thin.
Her pussy mound was quite high, in any case higher than I had ever seen before.

The black negligee had slipped down on one side, giving me a good view of her smooth pussy.
I noticed that I was close to an orgasm already.
I had to take charge as she was now trying to control me instead of the other way around.

I straddled her chest, pinning down her arms with my hands.
I put my dick back in her mouth and started to move in and out.

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