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We’re gonna have them over a barrel – hook, line and sinker! And you’re absolutely sure they’re not gonna think it is the real deal, mate? I asked.

He looked at me like I’d insulted him.
I went on, I mean, won’t they say we were actually butt-fucking each other? Isn’t that what we were doing? Fuck me, Jordan! Of course they fucking won’t!

Don’t go saying shit like that! But our dicks were up each other’s arses, mate.
We both spunked off.
Oh, come on, you knob-head.
I keep telling you, it doesn’t mean diddly fuck ’cause we’re not gay! Is that how it works then?

Of course it does! This was a just a joke.
The guys’ll be rolling on the floor when they see the two of us doing this shit.

I can guarantee it.

I wondered if that was true; whether our friends really would see it like Reece did.
Maybe they would.
Maybe I Montreal dating service internet. was the only one who was making more of this than I should.
Still, the thought of showing them the video suddenly seemed like a stupid thing to do.

Reece might think it was only the two of us having a laugh, but I could see the rest of our mates thinking we’d taken the joke way too far. Our time dating website.
I didn’t think they’d find it funny; I thought they’d be like, What the fuck?!

I grabbed the phone off him and was about to delete the video when he said, Tell you what, Jordan.
Get it on your PC and cut it down to like five or ten seconds or something.
And make it darker so they can’t see that much detail.

Just a few seconds of grainy footage – enough to get them interested and wanting to figure out what we was up to.
You can do that can’t you? I smiled.

That wasn’t a bad idea.
I knew enough about Movie Maker to take out all the dodgy stuff and strip the audio off it altogether.
Leave just enough to get them guessing.

Have them pausing it and trying to figure out what the fuck we’d really been up to.
Except that Mature twerking suck cock and facial. when Reece showed the lads the video in the pub that weekend, I realised that what had looked dim and blurred on my monitor at home looked like it had been floodlit from all sides when it was playing his phone.

Must have been the fucking codec or some such shit.
Never could understand that kind of stuff.
Our mates gathered round, stunned at what they were seeing.

Oh Jeez, even from where I was sitting I could see Reece’s fat cock slamming in and of my arse.
When the clip finished playing, our mate Dan spoke up first.
His face looked shocked and he looked straight at me.

Fucking hell, Jordan.
I had no idea.
Look, I.
we were just.
you know.
messing around.
Dan ignored me.

I mean, I knew you were good at editing movies and shit, but fuck me – this is the nuts.

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Mude ebony models with big booties.