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Can you tongue her while I do this? Is that allowed? Anything is allowed provided she doesnt safe out.
Adrian took off the headphones.
Im going to take off the gag now slut, but it better be licked clean.
Have you swallowed everything?

Marys throat moved, and then she nodded.
Adrian undid the gag standing behind her.
Mary, youre a slut.
You never told me until now.
You have to be punished.

I know what you need.

Its going to hurt but its cathartic.
youll feel better afterwards, so scream all you like but unless you press that safe thing, this goes on until I decide youre done Cunnilingus beim liebesspiel..
By then Julies tongue had been at work for a minute and the dildo was still buzzing.

Oh God, was all Mary said before the first blow struck.
Adrian was systematic, working one side and then the other until the whole of Marys back from shoulder blades to the top of her thighs was bright red.

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Julie found herself admiring his technique, particularly the way he allowed the leather to wrap around her chest and catch her breasts from the side about every fifth stroke, though the bells on her nipples rang with every blow.
Once she was red all over he let her rest for a moment and then removed the nipple clamps.

The returning blood flow produced louder shrieks and as he did it, Julie obligingly bit her clit, producing a massive shaking orgasm.
Adrian watched as that subsided and then picked a wicked looking cane from the rack.
Still no safe signal.

Well done, slut, Adrian said and let go with the first cane strike on her left buttock.
That produced a massive scream and before she could recover he hit the other side.
The second scream was muted because she hadnt taken a big enough breath. Nude women of ipatinga.
The safe word alarm rang out.

That was enough for Adrian.
Unable to imagine more safe cycles, he hugged Mary, holding her close and signalling to Julie to release the chains.
As soon as she was loose and before she even knew what was happening hed flipped the quick release on the leg strap and taken her down onto the bed.

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Mri biopsy breast.