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My dick had relaxed a little bit but was still semi-hard.
I let it slide out and released her from her position.
She slowly turned around and she wrapped her arms around me.
She pulled me closer and she kissed me.

Our tongues met and did the usual song and dance.
She was a good kisser and I felt my cock get fully hard again.
Her Bad extreme fisting. hand found my cock, still wet from her pussy and she started to masturbate me.
I did not want it to end it like that, so I guided her back to the bed.

There was one more thing she would have to do to please her Master.
I made her sit on all fours and sat behind her.
I entered her slowly, feeling if she was wet enough.
I should not have worried.

I put my hands on her hips and started to move in and out, slowly at first.
I love this position.
Not only does it provide full control of her and my movements, my dick also seems to enjoy it. Barbielorena qq sex chat porn.
It did not take me long to have an orgasm.
I felt my balls contract as a prelude to my ejaculation.

I actually felt my sperm leaving my balls, speed through my cock and enter her pussy.
I held her body and mine still, focusing totally on my orgasm.
She tried to prolong it by contracting her pussy, milking the last drop out of me.
Normally I am totally relaxed in the afterglow of sex.

This time, however, I immediately started to worry.
She was still wearing her blindfold; she still had not seen Fetish foot single. me.
There was still some plausible deniability.
Flimsy maybe as her negligee, but still.
My dick had enough as well, so no arguments pro or con from him.

My mind told me I should go.
But now there was something else.
My dominant side did not want to let go of such a wonderful sub.
She was pretty, young and, in the right way, submissive.
I was sure we could take this a lot further, fulfilling both our needs.

As a good sub, she did not take any initiative, letting her Master decide.
I decided to stay.
I moved over to her and removed her blindfold as a sign that this particular play had ended.

I looked her in the eyes and kissed her very, very lightly on her lips.

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