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I told you we were close, I just didnt tell you how close, I said.
How can you two be doing this? Its illegal, and its wrong.
Oh its not illegal, its just downplayed that way because society is too uptight.

And it isnt wrong, we dont just do it for Videos of lesbians sucking clit. kicks, we genuinely love each other, and we show it, I replied.
She leaned against the door.
But its incest.
How am I supposed to be ok with this? Its not as bad as you make it seem Marie.

Havent you ever had fantasies about someone so much that you just had to act on it? I know you have, everyone does, Lisa said.

I remember you telling me about a few certain things you wanted to do with Stephanie, I added.
Thats different! I had a lot of alcohol that day.

And I left it at just that, a fantasy.
But you did have them.
Youre saying you wouldnt have acted if you had the chance?

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Lisa asked.
A mother isnt supposed to have thoughts like that or fantasies for their kids.
Ok, that got me a little.

But you do.
We didnt plan this Marie, it just happened.
We cant help whom we develop thoughts and feelings for.

Thats how it started for us, a thought, then it developed into a fantasy, and it just kept escalating.
When we had the chance to act on it we did, and we loved it, so we do it as often as possible.

The fact that were sisters makes better because it makes it that much more special and it brings us that much closer, I said as I scooted closer to Lisa.
This is too much for me, she said as she wiped her face with her hands.
When the shock wears off youll see it isnt as big a deal as it seems.

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Once you get past the fact that were sisters and accept it for what it is, it wont bother you anymore, Lisa said.
I-uh, I just dont know.
I glared at her with a raised eyebrow, something wasnt right.

She didnt seem as upset as she cold have been, instead it felt like something else, like envy.
I spoke up.
What bothers you more Marie?

The fact that we got the chance to explore our feelings, or the fact that you didnt? I asked.
I must have struck something, because she hung her head and bit her lip.

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