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Each hard thrust onto my clit made me move that much faster, and made her push up against me that much harder.
Then I felt it, a tingle start off very little then build itself up drastically until it was right on edge ready to tip over.

By the look in Stephanies eyes I could tell she was feeling the same thing, and it added to the intensity of the situation.
The look in each others eyes, the moaning, and the intense grinding session finally took control of us and she wrapped her legs around me and threw her head back as I buried my face in her neck and we came, together, our bodies shaking and clinging to each other.

I dont know how long it lasted, or how long we stayed like that, but I didnt care, I just had an orgasm, and I didnt even have anything in my pussy.
I picked my head up and looked at Stephanie, who was smiling back at me, then brought her lips to mine in a soft series of kisses.

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Youre incredible, you know that? I giggled at her compliment.

You werent so bad yourself.
Ive never cum like that before.

Like what? Barely having my pussy touched.
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Usually something has to be done to it.
Well now you have, she said as she kissed me again.
We lay there for a while until she tapped my shoulder.
We should get up, we dont want them walking in on us like this.
I nodded and climbed off of her.

We set about finding our clothes that had gotten shed around the room during our little session, and started to get dressed once we found everything.
Can you cut the radio off? I dont think we need it anymore, Stephanie grinned.

I pulled up my panties and put on my pants and walked to the radio topless and turned it off.
Good thing we had this going, or they might have heard us, Indon teens sex taiwan pink. I joked.
Yeah we did get kinda loud.
Its ok though, theyre probably busy putting up stuff anyway.

—————- (Over to Lisas room, 1 hour ago, Moms POV) —————- After a lot of lugging, we had finally gotten all the boxes upstairs and began to unpack them.
I hung Lisas dresses in the closet as I started singing one of my favorite songs to myself.
(Singing) Baby, I cant wait, till you call on the telephone, I cant wait.

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