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Once inside I look at him, what the hell? What? he looks confused.
Who are these girls? I ask.
What do you mean? he ask.
Joanne is getting fucked on the ferris wheel and Kaci is a cum dumpster for her boss, I spat out.
Everybody has their own thing I guess, he suggests.
You get off watching.

I just feel like I dont know these girls, I say shocked.
These are my friends, but they have a whole secret sexy life.
Havent you ever done anything secretive like that? He asks me.

Not like that! I answer him.
Aside from what we did tonight Maybe you should, he suggests.

No, Im not ready to go home yet, I tell him.
Lets ride up to the bluff and enjoy the stars.
Youre wish is my command, Trey starts the car and heads for the bluff.
Have you done a lot of secret sex stuff? I ask him.
Not really, he answers.

Guess Im kinda boring too. Guess her clit.
Guess we can be boring together, I look at him.
Or we can be secretly sexy together, he teases.
Can we? I laugh and playfully slap his arm.

I smile and turn my head forward to the road hoping he didnt catch me blushing.
We pull into the bluff and park.
It overlooks the entire valley and the stars are so bright from up here.
I get out of the car and lean back against the door, Its so beautiful up here.

Yeah it is, Trey says and walks over to me.
So are you.
I am, am I? I flirt with him.
You know you are, he comes over and stands in front of me.
He brushes the hair away from my face and leans in.
His lips are so close to Sexy chatting without anything on type. mine, I can feel his breath. Big booty spread asshole.

I cups my face and nuzzels my nose with his, gently brushing his lips on mine.
Ive missed you, he says softly.
Yeah? I ask as he leans in and kisses me.

His lips soft and sweet gently brushing mine.
I lean into him and part my lips allowing his tongue to enter my mouth.
He traces my lips with his and then locks lips with mine.

His tongue finds mine and gently dances around as my body melts into him.
His hand slowly moves down my back and around my waist pulling me closer into him.
I could feel his cock harden as he pulls me against him.

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