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I would be ready.
A field mouse (my conscience) was gnawing on my left ear.
Such a fuzzy little ugly.
I saw its two beady little red eyes and an array of serious teeth.

Hey Homer! Dont you thank you should scream for assistance? The name is Ezekiel.
It being rather gloomy and damp two yards under.
With a baritone voice and acapella, I let out a, HEEEEEEEEELP!

Thinking I was dead and on my way to better grinders wheel.

I must have surprised a local young woman who was using a hoe and rummaging the field for wild (earth apples) potatoes to feed her lean poor soul.
Fortunately, she heard the gargling from the box and dug me up.

Good evening and good night, my sweet.
I vont to sohk yu blahod.
Do you have any buttermilk biscuits?

In the gray of the rain, I Ruff deepthroat sluts. grasp her thighs and raised her skirts.
Unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her ampleness. Dahlia grey pornstar website.
Her nipples taunt and ripe as scarlet peas.

I suckled as if a foal.
She swooning between the claps of the thunder, salivating and bringing Black tranny ass gallery. me a good cheer.
Then parting her clam and I laying my mouth over her womanhood as she let out a woof and took in my cock, humping by raising her buttocks.

I nibbling at the softness of her inner pavilion drawing a dribble of blood.
I left her quivering in the mud.
It was as if her pussy was panting and gasping for more.

I have it on good authority, from the mouse, that shortly after I pull up stake, literally, my wife was seen showboating at the seminary.
Tybee Island, Georgia.
Having survived sea sickness on a steam ship in a boxed-up crate stored in the hold.

I was now in America.
Living in a tree house.
Just me and a hookah (water pipe) and a wad of opium letting out a brume of smoke.
The illusions were there as well as memories of so long ago
so was the mouse.
As I awoke from my casket, lifting the screeching lid, I yawned.

Alighting feet first on a wooden tuffet, I could smell oatmeal boiling over the fire.
It had the viscosity of Georgia red clay and stuck to the bridge of my mouth.
Although undead, age had slowed me down and my arthritic bones pained me.

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