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My lips crash against my own teeth, almost drawing blood.
His cock suddenly stiffens and swells even more before he cries out in a deep and gut-wrenching growl just as I feel the Shoe fucking fetish. first blast of his thick, salty come spray deep against the back of my throat.

Hes stopped pumping as he continues to come long and hard in my mouth Free homemade interracial pictures..
Spurt after spurt of his cum continues to fill my mouth; dripping down the back of my throat.

There is so much that its coming faster than I can swallow; it begins to seep out of my mouth, down my chin and along his cock and balls.
Hes panting breathlessly and I can see his knees begin to give as he pulls himself backwards and out of my mouth.

I swallow the cum still in my mouth, then use my tongue to lick my lips clean. Loney wifes.

Running his fingers over my chin, he collects the semen deposited there and brings his fingers to my mouth, which I readily clean too.

Crawling on to the bed and grabbing me with him, in a last burst of energy he hauls us up to the center of the bed where we collapse side by side.
He is lying wasted next to me, legs open and body completely weakened by his powerful orgasm.

He lays there quietly, with his eyes closed but a look of pure peace on his face.
Although I know he takes pleasure in my aftercare, I feel its my turn to look after him.
The first thing I notice is his cock still covered in cum and saliva.

I rise, just enough to scoot myself backwards until my face is level with his cock.
I touch his thigh to make sure he knows my intention, and he lets out a soft groan.
Taking that as approval, I slip my hand under his soft cock and lift it to my mouth.

I know his cock will be extra sensitive, so I take care not to overstimulate him but to just thoroughly use my tongue to lick his cock clean, before gently lifting it to serve his balls as well.

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