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I was thinking about my cousin sucking on the other at the same time, knowing in the back of my mind she was probably hearing Wendys cries of pleasure from the other room.
I stood up and took off my clothes while Wendy watched.
She took off her skirt and panties.

Her eyes got wide and nervous at the sight of my cock.
My eyes were glued to her bright red mound, trimmed short.
My suspicions were confirmed when I saw her thick pussy lips dangling free.
I couldnt wait to suck on them and feel those long legs around my neck.

I kept eye contact with her as I kneeled down and grabbed one of her calves, lifting it, and holding her foot with my other hand Fox megan nude pic.. Poon thai girl nude.

I flicked her toes with my tongue and then sucked on them while staring her in the eye.
She was gasping like Cheap and good facial. she already wanted to cum.

I could see she was enjoying it, so I licked on her other foot, taking my time, watching her hips start to squirm.
That feels amazing, she said.
No ones ever done that before.

I started working my way up those incredible legs.
It was like an epic journey.
I was savoring each taste and the feeling of those tanned, smooth legs.
I was getting closer to that patch of fire.
I kissed around her hip bones and on the insides of her thighs.
Her cries were getting louder.

Her head was back and her eyes closed.
She jumped when my tongue barely touched those massive pussy lips.
My instinct was to immediately pull them in my mouth, but I slowly worked the edges of her pussy with my tongue.

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Messy female orgasm movies.