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Eventually, she started to hump her sweet ass against me, moving back as I thrust forward, the effect of which was to drive my cock into her as far as possible.
Suddenly I felt a funny sensation on my butt and turned to see Becky putting some lube onto and into my ass.

She was wearing the strap-on.
I could see it was about eight inches long and about one and a quarter inches thick.
There was a mini-vibe at the base of the dildo which I would greatly appreciate shortly.

Rachel and I were humping ourselves into a frenzy and I could see it wouldn’t be long for either of us.
Becky meanwhile had put three fingers into my butt, again attacking my prostate.
She was just about ready to fuck me with the strap-on.

When she put it in I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven.
I was getting tremendous sensations from both my cock and my butt.
She stayed perfectly still so when I pulled out of Rachel I was forcing the strap-on deep into my ass.
When I reentered Rachel the dildo pulled out.

I was totally absorbed in the acts of fucking Watch dating daan online. and being fucked. How validating parsers use xml schema namespace.
I wouldn’t Warwick maryland toll saturday 11 1 at 11oo. have noticed if a bus had driven into the bedroom.
My entire world orbited around my cock and ass.
I reached down and rolled my fingers over Rachel’s clit.

That was all it took to send her into an all-engulfing orgasm that surged through her body over and over again.
She screamed and writhed in what seemed to be five minutes of total rapture.
She collapsed onto the bed just as I blew my load into that gorgeous tight ass.

I collapsed on top of her.
I reluctantly pulled out of Rachel and Becky pulled out of me.
I lay down next to Rachel and waved for Becky to join us.
We pulled the cover over us and fell into a deep sleep.
Chapter 7 We slept until mid-afternoon.

By that time we were all famished so we called out for a pizza.
We stayed naked and fucking the entire weekend.
By Tuesday night I needed to go back to school for a rest.
I convinced Rachel to cover her pussy during class but she stopped by every afternoon for extra help.

Another teacher once asked me why an A student needed so much extra help.
Enrichment activities, I replied.
And I wasn’t lying—we were both greatly enriched by the experiences we had.
Peterson had a baby girl and returned to work in early April.

I quit subbing, so Rachel stopped by my condo every afternoon.
This gave us mush more freedom to experiment than we had in my classroom.
We tried a lot of different things.

She especially enjoyed showering together with the sucking and fucking that invariably accompanied every shower.

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Men in pantyhose photos.