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Then I heard Mum shout, Oh fuckkk.
I turned my head to see her sitting in a chair, rubbing her pussy like mad, cumming along with the other three.

The sisters were collapsing in our arms, so Ellen and I led them back to the sofa on either side of their mum.
Ohhh, enough, Julie, wow, Gabby gasped.
Julie pulled off and smiled sweetly, then turned around to sit on the floor between Gabby’s legs, her back leaning against the base of the sofa.

I looked down and saw that Julie’s pussy was pouring out juice.
Ellen saw it too, and asked Julie sweetly, Do you like being our pet? You may speak your answer.

Oh yes, Ellen, I love it.

I love giving you all pleasure.
We love you, Julie, Ellen said.
Your pussy is sopping wet.
It looks like it would like some pleasure.
Is that right? Oh Ellen, if you believe I’m worthy, yes I would.

Ellen beamed at her, and said, Of course you are.
I know you like the strapon, shall I get it? Oh, yes, please, Ellen.

Okay, be right back.
I found another chair to sit in and spread my legs. New years head.
Julie came over and starting licking my boobs per standard procedure.
Lick my pussy, Julie.
She quickly slid down and went to work on it.

Ellen returned, wearing Mum’s strapon.
I saw Glenda and Effie look wide-eyed at it.
Gabby smiled.
Ellen slid the strapon deep into Julie in one thrust.
Her pussy was so wet, it offered not the slightest resistance.

Julie suppressed a moan, then raised her paw.
Yes, Julie? I said.
May I moan and scream please, Fran? I smiled and said, Yes, Julie, you have been a wonderful pet.
Yell all you like.

But try to stay in contact with my pussy.
Ellen started pulling out and slamming back in.
Slowly at first, but soon pounding Julie hard and Pinayhotcunt xxx text chat with girls online no regusteration. fast.

Her moans All zorpia dating love site. vibrated my pussy, and I held her head to me so I could keep feeling that exquisite sensation.
Ellen went to full speed, and Julie couldn’t help pulling off of my pussy to scream, Ohhhh, yes fuck me, fuck me hard, I’m cummmingggg.

Ellen kept it up until Julie gave a mighty cry and collapsed onto the floor, pulling off of the strapon.
Mum said, Well, it seems we have all had a good time.
Glenda and Effie, did you enjoy your birthday present? Glenda almost shouted, Oh yes, wow!

I had no idea I could feel so good.
Effie looked up and muttered, Um, yeah, wow.
Gabby spoke up, Yes, I believe they both loved it.

Thank you so much, Yvonne, for inviting us over.
I wasn’t expecting Julie to please me, but she did so well.
We should get dressed and leave.

She started dressing, and her daughters roused themselves to dress also.

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