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Still aware of the ropes loosely tying his limbs to the bed, he struggled to roll over onto his back.
He waited with anticipation for Lilahs promise of switching places.
She crawled up his body so that her pussy was hot and wet against his spent cock.

Wordlessly she stuck out her impossibly long tongue and ran it along one of her sticky fingers that were still bathed with his cum.
He watched her with amazement as the sexy intensity in her eyes and the dirty display of sensuality compelled him.

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Her tongue scooped up a thick river of glistening cream as it dripped down her hand and then she bent forward to kiss him, simultaneously pushing it into his mouth before he was able to stop her.
The unfamiliar salty warm taste lingered in his mouth as their tongues danced together.

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The thought of such a thing would have previously made him gag but in the madness of what hed just experienced it seemed insignificant, and even more so, it was strangely sexy.
He wanted to turn her on so that they could continue playing their game.

The excitement of reversing roles slowly began to tempt his cock back to life and he let her drag her sticky fingers across his Huge cam tits. lips and slide them into his mouth as he greedily sucked the cum from them while she watched with a knowing smile.
See Aidan, youre kinkier than you thought, she murmured.

You havent seen anything yet, he assured her.
Why dont you untie me and find out for yourself.
They shared a playful laugh of anticipation but Aidan was so turned on by what he knew was to come that he felt like growling.
His mind raced through the many ways he would fuck her senseless.

There would be no reprieve for this little temptress now, he decided.
He was going to make her his bonafide fuck-slut all night long.

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