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She looked shocked, then, after a longer time that I had expected, reddened and fled for her flat.
Had she been shocked in a good way, or a bad way? The way she looked in lycra, I very much hoped it was the former.
I decided to close the door but leave it unlocked, and see what happened next.

After a quick coffee, taken in the kitchen gazing towards the garage – should I go over? I headed back to the office.
I focussed on clearing the dross out of my inbox and before I knew it the place was emptying as everyone made their way to the pub for the Friday swill.

I declined, saying I wanted to get the house sorted.
I sincerely hoped Id be busy with something other than unpacking boxes as I made my way back to my new home. Hot porn silk model.
When I pulled into the driveway I was aware of Lauras auburn hair at the window, bent over her laptop.

She looked up and I gave her a smile and a wave.
She waved back but didnt return the smile.
My heart sank.
She wasnt interested.
Probably thought her new landlord was a creep.
I dumped the case and my jacket inside, and on impulse headed over to the gym.
All was quiet.

Then I noticed one of the belts, a three-tongued tawse, draped Swingers and swappers 5. over the end of the chaise.
I picked it up, wondering just what had been going on Dmnqxxx live nude chat rooms., when I heard the door to the flat opening.
I looked at Laura steadily.
She was wearing old blue jeans and a t-shirt.

Both were on the tight side.
She looked fantastic.
And very embarrassed.
I think we should have a talk, you and me.
Want to come over to the house?

I said.
She nodded, and we crossed the gravel in silence.
When we got to the living room I was still carrying the belt, and an image of Laura face down over the arm of the couch immediately sprang into my mind.

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