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I heard loud moans around the room and soon realized they were coming from my mouth.
The sensation of Catherine’s mouth sucking on my cock was sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body.

I looked down at her and she looked up at me with her eyes open enjoying the intense pleasure on my face.
I lifted her face from my cock and pulled her to meet my lips.
We kissed again more intense than before.
Her hand remained on my cock continually rubbing it’s length.

I took Catherine in my arms and lifted her off the floor and put her on my desk.
I spread her legs apart and she eagerly lifted up her skirt to reveal her bare pussy.

Catherine was not wearing panties.
I immediately buried my face into her wet pussy and started probing her with my tongue.

Catherine tensed and started gasping and gripping the desk with her hands.
Loud groans left her mouth.
Catherine’s pussy was so wet and her juices were sweet to the taste.

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I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go and then back out.
I licked up to her clit and took it between my lips flicking it with my tongue.
I then inserted one finger into her pussy and fucked her with it as I started to suck on her clit.

Catherine’s exploded with an intense orgasm as her legs closed around my head licking her pussy not wanting me to stop.
As her orgasm subsided she sat up and pulled my face to hers.
She didn’t kiss me but just licked my face to taste her own pussy juices which she seemed to enjoy.

My cock was now throbbing and swollen.
I wanted to fuck her.
I turned her around and bent her over the desk.

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I lifted her skirt to reveal her bare arse.
I admired it’s firmness for a while before taking my cock in my hand and rubbing the tip along the length of her pussy.
It was still wet from her orgasm and easily found its way into her pussy.

Catherine’s pussy gripped my cock as I slowly pushed it inside.
Soon it was all the way inside her and we both let out a ecstatic groan.
I then started to thrust in and out, pulling my cock all the way out to reveal its tip before pushing it all the way in again with long hard thrusts.

With each thrust we each let out a cry.
The sensation was overwhelming as Free webcam porn chat whitney nebraska. I fucked Catherine’s pussy harder and harder.
Catherine screamed as a second orgasm rocked through her body.

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