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She was making all kinds of sucking noises.
He was calling her all kinds of derogatory names.
I couldnt believe this guy.
In one day, I saw him fucking our night shift boss, having another nurse give him head.
He was touching some of the residents inappropriately.

However, the patients all were enjoying it.
Nobody seemed to tell him to stop.
I just didnt understand how this doctor was getting away with all of this stuff.
For some reason, I was the only person who seemed to see any of it.

All of the nurses and aides were all in love with Dr.

Everybody flirted with him and the prettier nurses had naughty fun with him.
They made sure to tell the rest of us if they got attention from him.

I get why people get so wacky over a single, good looking doctor.
But, have a little class.
I wasnt going to be doing anything I would be ashamed of later. Las vegas dating scene.
I really wanted to teach this guy a lesson.
Its totally inappropriate to be having sex all over the nursing home.

Especially with the residents.
I felt he was taking advantage of them and needing a taste of his own medicine.
I had a few ideas in mind for him.
I Ebony private nude pics. planned on asking him on a date and getting even with him.
It was finally Friday and I planned on asking Dr.

Jones over for dinner at my house.
I knew that hed be totally up for it.
I noticed him checking me out all the time.
I wasnt like the other women who were his sex sluts.

I had a little more dignity.
I thought he was a hot dish too, but I wasnt letting him fuck me where I work.
My daddy always told me Dont shit Gloria free online chatting veb camera pussy. where you eat.

During the day, I noticed Dr.
Jones giving his therapeutic chair massages to some of the residents.
He actually told people they were therapeutic.
This guy was getting these women off.
He was sexually enjoying them in a very harmless way.
He of course was playing with their breasts.

I was just shocked that the women didnt seem to care.
Jones was giving each of them silent orgasms.

Some of these women were between seventy-ninety years old.
The man had no shame.
I guess he liked older women.

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Marshfield singles wanting sex.