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As I was fucking Brandons mouth, he kept time with his own cock in my mouth.
We frantically face fucked each other for several minutes.
As my cum started to roil up my shaft, Brandon sensed it and rammed my cock balls deep in his mouth.

As I started cumming Brandons cock head twitched and he rammed his cock deep as he could into my mouth.
I shot three loads of cum into Brandons mouth and he emptied his balls in my mouth with six very large squirts.
We kept the others cock in our mouths until they started going limp.

Brandon turned around on the bed and laid back beside me. Obrezan_ chat sex live skype.
He pulled my lips to him and we shared a very passionate kiss.

When we broke our kiss Brandon simply stated, Wow.
Wow is right, I replied and pulled him tight to me.

After our intense sex with each other, we fell into a sexually exhausted sleep in each others arms.
I awoke Chatting sex online free malaysia. sometime later in the pitch blackness of night.
I was lying on my side and felt something rubbing between the cheeks of my ass.

I reached down behind me and felt Brandons cock rubbing on my ass.
His cock head was wet with pre-cum as he worked it towards and against my fuck-hole.
Holding his cock I pressed the head against my rectum and pushed back with my ass.

Brandon produces a copious amount of pre-cum and that Hottest pornstar list. was all the lubricant we needed.
I was more than ready to receive his cock and have my grandson deposit his seed deep in me.
Suddenly the head popped past my sphincter muscle.

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Married women weed.