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And my god, ever since she told me to kiss her that day, all I could do was imagining it over and over again.
If I closed my eyes, I could still feel her body against mine, her hands in my hair and her soft lips against mine, her intoxicating perfume and her sweet, sweet delicious moan.

God, I longed to kiss her again and fuck her as I had Haylie.
I lay on my bed and started to stroke my now hard cock as I imagined fucking Jenny and hearing her sweet moans.

I imagined her pussy so fucking tight and her legs wrapped around me as I continued to fuck her, opening up her pussy to accept my size.
It would be a perfect fit.

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My cum spurted up hitting my Quick hook up adelaide sex. stomach as I came and I lay there on the bed, not nearly as satisfied as I would have been if I was with Jenny.

I picked up the toilet paper from the ground next to my bed and cleaned my cum off my stomach.

I reached for my phone and looked at my contacts, wondering which girl I can call to come over so I can fuck them.
I scrolled through my contacts and came across Haylies name.
Hm, I dont remember asking for her number.
That horny bitch probably put it in when I was in the shower.

I smiled and pressed the call button, calling Haylie since that was what she wanted.
It rung twice before someone answered.
Miss me already Updating limewire pro. big boy? she said, sounding horny.

Come to my apartment now so I can fuck you, was all I told her.
I gave her my address and told her that I expected her there within ten minutes and if she wasnt there by ten, I will call someone else.

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Malaysian aunty sex chat.