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I wanted to suck cock and feel what it was like.
My current and past girlfriends had always said how much they enjoyed sucking a good cock.
Terry had a nice cock, just like mine, bulbous and circumcised.

It glowed almost red hot.
I remember reaching out to touch it and I was shocked at the heat it pushed out into the room.
Somehow feeling your own cock doesnt seem so hot.
Perhaps its because your own hand is as hot as your cock.
However, Terrys cock was hot.

I looked at him as I pumped it in my hand.
You can suck it if you want, he said, smiling at me, but you dont have to! he added.
I wanted.
I wanted very much to suck it.

I remember pulling his cock upright and then looking over at the girls kissing in a passionate embrace whilst they Dating for guys. stood in the centre of the room feeling each others tits as they rotated around each other. Encounter swingerss.
I didnt wait for them to notice me.

I dropped my head down onto Terrys cock and I sucked it into my mouth.
It was exquisite, horny and hot.
His cock was boiling away in my mouth.
The texture was silky and smooth.
Two words could be used to explain my emotions at the time, fucking wonderful.

I loved it.
I sucked on him for ages but it wasnt just my night it was the four of us and soon we were embroiled in a steamy foursome session that we thoroughly enjoyed.
I wanted to repeat the experience again, but never had the opportunity over the years that followed.

Then my girlfriend and I split Pregnant impregnation. up several years later.
It seemed it was game over.
Over the time we were together we met several couples who we nearly had sex with but never quite made it for one reason or another.
Steve and Brigitte was one of those couples.

We met in a pub for drinks one evening just to be social and meet each other.

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