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At one time he would have hated what he was about to do, but she proved herself worthy of nothing less! State your name.
The small professionally dressed blond woman looked much older than Tom had ever seen her.

She replied, Jessica J.
Tom glanced at his soon-to-be-ex as JJ answered the next question.

Where are you employed? I am a licensed and bonded private investigator working for the WIN Investigative Service.
At that announcement, Tom saw his soon-to-be-ex look at JJ in surprise.

Then she started whispering wildly to her current boyfriend, also known as her divorce attorney.
Little did she realize it was too late for that! And what is WIN? WIN is the Women In Need Investigative Service.

We assist women in various situations to extricate themselves before something permanent happens.
Something permanent? For example a woman in an abusive relationship, we assist them in getting out of it, preferably with their dignity and appropriate support levels intact.

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We do our best to get them out before any further abuse or death result.
Youre Honor! Tom smiled to himself as the shoe finally hit the Dirty dating magazine. floor and his soon-to-be exs attorney tried to interrupt.

Yes, Counselor? We would like the request a continuance to properly prepare for this witness.
The judge looked down at his papers for a moment.

Im sorry, Counselor, but this witness has been on the list since the papers were filed.
You have received all the continuances you have asked for previously.
I am not inclined to give you time to do something you should have taken care of by now.

So your request is denied unless you have some extenuating circumstances.
Wanking behind. Your Honor, my client has just revealed some information about this witness she hadnt associated with this particular person.
The judge again looked at his paperwork.
Im sorry.

Counselor, all the witness did was state her name and the company she works for, that information was on the witness list.
If there is something your client failed to disclose to you, that is an issue between you two.

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Magog mature fuck buddies.