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Her pulse quickened.
She didnt know whether to be scared or aroused.
As their hands ceased their frantic search Fucking awesome lyrics. of her body she felt them take her arms and guide her deeper into the chamber.

As they lead her the warmth of torch fire reached her body, followed by the sudden Naked teen sluts anal. removal of her blindfold.
There before her she saw a giant lofty chamber lit dimly by a blazing row of torches running along a red velvet carpet that stretched across to a giant raised dais.

Behind the torches stood flanking rows of men who all wore soulless porcelain Santa masks and red hooded robes.
They all turned and looked blankly at her.
Christine felt goosebumps forming all down her arms.

She felt a mix of fear and arousal.

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Her eyes were then drawn to the dais as she saw movement.
There she saw a Santa robbed in black holding his massive staff aloft.
She felt then dread and hesitated.
She began to back away when the two large Santas that had guided her began to push her forward.

The rows of Santas held their arms out before her in a gesture for her to proceed.
Christines legs trembled and wobbled a little as she made her way forward slowly moving toward the alter her heart pounding like an angry drum in her chest.

The black-robed Santa who was clearly the leader spoke suddenly in a gruff lust-filled voice, Good Evening Christine.
How kind of you to join on us on this most Holy of nights.

Would you be so kind as to take your place? he asked gesturing behind him as a large drop cloth was pulled away to reveal a large wooden machine.
Even though you have been a very bad girl this year, I got you a very special gift, he said with a smile.
The machine looked to be a cross between a medieval trebuchet and a crucifix.

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