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She starts humming, the Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker.
And then, her fingers trailing down over her mons, she suddenly changes her tune.
Oh fuck, I now know she is thinking of me.

As I recognize her tune as the Divinyls I touch myself.
Her finger brushes, then flicks her clit, and I watch it firm with her touch.
Delicate touches awakening her sex.
Slowly, no obvious pattern to her caresses.

Her eyes Cesar adult videos. begin to lose focus on me.

A bead of sweat trails down between her breasts.
Her mouth opens.
She licks her lips.

Faster now.
Flicking, rubbing, further stimulating her succulent bud.
Her nipples now like bullets, her orgasm begins signalling it is on its way.
A last glance at me, a pattern emerges; her finger dances firmly, now a spinning top.

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I know what this is, that there will be thirty-two tight massaging circles centred on her pearl.
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She whimpers, then moans.
Her eyes glaze over.
Nothing matters, her world is spinning on the end of one finger.

On the thirty-second circle of her delectable pearl, she gasps out one word, Natasha.
Her hips push forward.
Her body ripples and shudders.
She moans, her hand floods, as she is racked by a monstrous orgasm.

The minute of silence that follows is interrupted only by her gulps of breath.
Then she looks over at me and smiles, ever so shyly.
A blush materialises, vivid given the sheen of sweat that coats her body.

My heart melts, her intimacy feels like a privilege, not an embarrassment.
Thanks, I say and she positively glows.
When she adjusts her knickers, they darken with her juices.

And, grabbing a fresh pair from her locker, she prances for the showers.
Leaving me sitting, stunned, all on my own.

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Looking for platonic gary indiana single women.