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Anyway, I thought a smaller town like Cedar Rapids would be safe, so I skipped town and headed there.
So Cedar Rapids wasnt safe? Cliff inquired.
It was for awhile.

One of the guys I was with in Cedar Rapids turned out to be a small time hoodlum from Des Moines.
When he got back into town, he bragged about screwing a teenager in Cedar Rapids by the name of Trudy.
The news got around, so I decided to come here.

I figured I could get lost in a big city like Chicago, and they wouldnt find me.
So, you figured it would be safer here in Chicago? Yeah, thats what I thought. My nipple need lolypop my boobs.

Now it depends on you, Mr.

It depends if you are willing to help me.
So you figured wrong.
What did you think I could do? Find Tony and make him give back the money.
That might not be easy, making him return the money, that is.

Maybe you can just find him, and let the Iowa outfit do the rest.
You mean you want me to find him so the mob can bump him off? Kinda like that, yeah.
Okay, but I get a hundred a day plus expenses.
I cant afford that much.

Looks like youll have to find him yourself.
Ive tried that.
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Maybe we can exchange our services.
Hmmm, sounds interesting, but with that arrangement it might take me a very long time to catch up with Tony.
Cliff thought his comment was funny and laughed.

She didnt.
Cliff figured she didnt get the joke.
Please, Mr.
Bradley, I cant do it alone.

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Looking for a cute okolona asian girlfriend.