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Miss Angelica, there are some things I need to tell you.
Have you ever seen a man naked? One of your brothers perhaps? Angelica blushed, and whispered, I saw John, my brother once, with a maidservant kneeling before him when he had no clothes on.
Did you see his pego? What?

I don’t understand.
Martha sighed again.
In a man’s breeches he has a rod about six inches long and an inch across.
To make a baby he puts it into a woman’s belly and bounces up and down.
Then she may have a baby nine months later.

If a man has not done that to a woman she cannot have a baby.

Don’t be silly, Martha.
How would he put such a thing in a woman? There’s nowhere to put it.
Martha lifted her skirt and pointed out the aperture designed for a husband’s use.

The man’s rod is made of flesh and is soft except in bed when it hardens.
The first time you have it, it hurts, but after that it is nice.
Angelica looked worried. Totaly free sex chat no subscription.
Is all this true? she asked sternly.
Yes Miss Angelica, and you won’t be ma’am until the master has done this to you.

That’s what he wanted last night.
He will undress you, stroke your bubbies and all the rest of your body, then he will put it into you.
Only after that will you be truly his wife, the maid informed her, continuing, Don’t worry Miss Angelica, Cathy nude pics. Martha will help you.

Oh Martha, will you help? begged Angelica, I do so want to be a good wife.
You just stay here, and I’ll bring you some breakfast up and we can have a talk.
Chapter the Sixth In which some help is forthcoming and two parties are satisfied, while the third is still left intact.

After ordering Angelica’s breakfast from cook, the maid went into the drawing room to her master.
Could I have a word, please sir? she asked as deferentially as she could manage.
Oh, well, what is it? Arthur snapped.

It’s really about Mrs.
Robinson, sir, your mother-in-law.
What about her? Hairy barkers dogs. I’m afraid to say, sir, that she ain’t done her duty as a mother should sir.
She never explained nothing to the mistress, sir, about marriage and the like.

Martha stood facing her employer with a little trepidation, wondering if she was doing the right thing.
Then she remembered the pleasures she had had in the stables, and how frightened Angelica was, and determined to press on with her plan.

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