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different from your love-making? How will I recognise the part you want me to depict in the painting? The two things are completely different, Adam snapped.

Our actual consummation will express our love and our passion.
Perhaps it would be clearer if you show me, I suggested, thinking they would get on the couch together and pose for me their more sensual way of making love.

But Adam interpreted my request differently and nodded, Well, I suppose you might as well see it sooner rather than later.
He stepped forwards, grabbed Stephen firmly by the hips, and then to my amazement started pushing the head of his huge hard-on into his bent-over buddy’s butt-hole.

It resists a little at first, he told me, as matter-of-factly as he would if he was showing me how to screw a nut onto a bolt, but once the fat tip of it’s through, the shaft generally slides up nicely.
Stephen gasped, Aw yeah Bisexual orgy party..

Smell my spunked pants.

as his arsehole stretched at full gape to receive his future groom’s bloated helmet.
This is why the rimming needs to be very thorough, Adam smiled at me as the ridged base of his mushroom slurped through Stephen’s straining ring.

It not only excites us both, but it means one doesn’t have to hunt around for a tube of lube Teen redhead french thu mar..
Adam’s long shaft performed as he’d indicated and slid more easily up into his fiancĂ©’s bowels now that the head was inside.
Stephen called out, Oh Jesus! and then let out a powerful fart.

Adam chuckled, You should expect some very boisterous flatulence when two men are occupying the matrimonial suite! I managed to mutter, I hadn’t really thought – With your navy background, he went on, still sliding his cock up Stephen’s arse, I’m sure you’re not offended by a good, loud man-fart!

I just never heard one during sex.
Well you’ll hear some absolute blasters on our wedding night! he chortled.
It will signify to our guests in neighbouring rooms that the consummation is underway!

It’s also one of the reasons for the ‘pre-fuck’, as you called it, Stephen panted breathlessly up to me as his butt let out another rip-roarer, struggling to accommodate the huge intrusion.
It gets the unpleasantness out of the way before we make love properly.
Farting isn’t unpleasant, honey! his husband-to-be laughed.

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