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He has your cunt juices and his cum all over his cock.
As I start cleaning up my fantasy fuck his cum is much more pleasant than Wendy’s man.
I lick him clean, swallowing as much as I can.
I begin to wonder, How much cum can I swallow in one day?

Then I hear from one of the other women.
It’s her turn for the pit.
As I finish hungrily cleaning up our juices off his cock I feel a hand on my arm pulling to help me get up.

It is Teach and as I stand, Horse grabs my other arm.
I hear Teach say, You two grab her legs.

Two guys bend down grabbing my ankles and lift me up, and now I’m suspended flat parallel to the ground being held up by four men.
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Teach instructs one of the other members, Place the pillow on the mattress.
They straddle the mattress laying me down with the small of my back on the pillow.
Teach looks down at me and says, You made me proud baby, very proud! How do you feel?

This is so fucking erotic and exciting.
I don’t know if I can get enough of this.
You are making a whore out of me and I’m fucking loving it! That’s good, because we are just getting started.

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He spreads my arm out and buckles a wide leather cuff around my wrist as horse does the same to my other arm.
A realization thought races through my mine, ‘OHH FUCK! I’m going to be tied to the stakes!’ The other two guys fasten a leather cuff around both ankles.

A rope is clipped to each of the leather cuffs buckled to my wrist and ankles.
I’m now spread eagle on the mattress as they pull the ropes tight and tie them to the rings on each of the stakes.
There is no slack in the ropes, and my arms are stretched out and behind my head.

My legs are spread wide.
The small of my back and part of my butt are on the pillow.
My cunt is raised up and wide open.

I’m totally naked except for my garter belt, stockings, and boots.
I feel my juices flowing, pushing the cum out of my cunt and running down across my ass hole.
I’ve never been this turned on and excited.

It’s fucking intoxicating! Teach says, Who wants to be next? I hear a women’s voice say, I want to clean my mans cum out of your bitch’s Belly inflation. cunt.

She kneels between my legs and leans over my body with her thigh pressing against my cunt.
She begins kissing me.
Instinctively, I part my lips opening my mouth inviting her in.
Her tongue enters my mouth and we kiss with crude lust as our tongues dance lustfully.

She breaks the kiss and slithers down to my nipples.
She pauses at each, sucking my erect hard nipple into her mouth.
She begins lightly biting on one while rolling and pinching the other erect nipple.

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