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I see nothing wrong with you being gay, I responded.
But I do think you should try having sex with a woman before you decide that you are.
You may find that although you like having sex with men, you also enjoy having sex with women as well.

I am bisexual and sexually enjoy both women and men.
I continued, Does Myia know that you think you are gay? Brandon responded, No I havent said anything to her.

I am also afraid of how Tom will react when he knows.
I am hoping you will tell them for me.
We fell silent for about two minutes as we sipped our drinks.

Then Brandon laid his hand on my thigh, right next to my groin. Deep pussy pics.
Brandon took a deep breath and looked me straight in my Dating in online site usa. eyes, Ray,
I want to have sex with you.
This caught me by surprise and I stammered, B

Brandon, I am very flattered that a young man your age would want to have sex with me.
But I am your grandfather and that would be incest.
I didnt think incest bothers you Brandon responded.
I stammered, Wh
what do you mean?

I know you and my mother fuck all the time, he said.
How Alexander ar sexy woman. long have you known, I quietly asked.
A long time
I often jack-off and fantasize that it is me fucking Myia instead of you, he replied.
I see, I said as I looked in his eyes.

He was staring at me with what can only be described as a smoldering passionate desire.
I thought about what he had just said and had to agree that incest does not bother me as long as everyone involved is old enough to make their choices.

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