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Aww, she Retro college. teased.
Maybe I just need to work you up to it and convince you that you want it.
He felt the sudden urge to laugh at the entire situation, it seemed so inane and ridiculous to him.

Yet before he could protest, Lilah slid onto the bed beside him, rolling him onto his side and spooning him from behind.
His hands, still tied together at the wrists, hung above his head, bound by the rope attached to the headboard.

He could feel the curves of her body and her breasts pressed against his back and that horrible thing between his legs, pushed up against his balls.
You are one crazy bitch, he said finally.

Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed, she murmured into his ear, biting his earlobe, as her arm moved around him until her hand was on his wilting cock. Heather langenkamp nude.
She gripped the base of his shaft and began to stroke him back to arousal.

The cum leaking from the tip of his cock acted like a slick lube as she effortlessly worked him with her hand.
Mmm… look at that nice thick cock getting all hard for me, she purred with excitement.
You sure this isnt turning you on?

He fought to stifle his moans, but it was impossible.
Lilahs expert manipulation of his cock had him throbbing again.
The lack of release was building within him, torturing him even more than the thought of letting her have her way with him.

She continued to stroke his cock, her breasts bouncing softly against his back as she ran her tongue around the rim of his ear.
He could feel her warm breath against his neck, relentlessly turning him on.

Despite all the protests in his head, he couldnt resist turning Hannah hunter pantyhose. his head towards her as his cock pulsed in her grip.
Her soft warm lips found his immediately and they began to kiss.

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