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she commanded.
I had no choice but to obey.
The flood gates opened as months and years of frustration poured out of me.
She took it all and demanded more.

I gave her everything until there was nothing left to give.
She stole one last gentle kiss Free teen clip huge tit. as I melted on top of her.
For a long while, she let me lay on top of her as we both caught our breath.
Eventually, she took a deep breath and then she nuzzled my neck and kissed me.

I took a deep breath, and struggled to open my eyes as I lifted my head.
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The naughty smile had returned.
We shared a light kiss.
Didnt you promise to give that to me in a different way, she teased.
I didnt promise, I answered.

I had to choose which of your demands to fill.
She smiled and pushed my shoulder to roll me over and off of her body.
I resisted for a bit, but then let it happen when I felt that she planned to follow me over.

I want to taste that too, she informed me as I relaxed into the bed. Hot sexsi bengoli free chats.
She took her time as she kissed her way down my body.
I gently played with her hair as she kissed from my ribs down to my hips.

For all of her declarations, her first taste of the puddled wetness was tentative.
She moaned softly and her eyes closed as she flattened her tongue to lap up every drop.
You arent as sweet as my husband, but we taste really good together, she decided.

I smiled at her, but shrugged.
What does that mean, she teased as she moved lower to lick my scrotum.
I fought the urge to shrug again and failed.
She mock glared at me, so I gave her an answer.

Call me a prude if you wish, I said.
I am naughty enough that there is not a part of your body that I wouldnt touch or taste to make you happy.
She shivered with a smile as she clenched her butt cheeks.
But I have no desire to taste my own release, I continued.

Maybe Im too homophobic or something, but I will let you enjoy that all to yourself.
Her eyes clouded for a moment, but she continued to use her tongue to chase down every bit of our flavors.
Does that bother you? I asked as I gently caressed her cheek.
Not at all, she demurred.

Her eyes flicked away for a moment.
I was just thinking of something else.
As I tried to decide if I should pursue the issue, she abruptly changed the subject.

Her eyes were clear as they jumped back to mine.

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