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Feeling her pussy walls constricting around his cock, Adelina tensed, her only way of holding him in this position was slipping from her grasp as each hand was losing its grip on Jacks shoulders.
Their bodies now damp with sweat and glowing with the strength of their exertions slipped over each other.

Feeling each thrust bringing her closer and closer to losing her grip of him and yet closer and closer to her climax.
Each thrust ratcheted up the tension inside her pussy and Adelinas shallow breathing gave way to panting.

Her fingers Shaved asian pussies. clenched his skin harder, her manicured nails as talons sinking into the taut skin of Jacks shoulder blades. Ebony facefucked and cries.
Fucking hell! exclaimed Jack as her nails dug into his back.
Si, si, gasped Adelina breathlessly, mio toro, mio toro.

To keep Jack in that position, she lowered her legs around Jacks calves and used her stiletto heel caps, her single-mindedness took over, jabbing them into him.
Shit! exhaled Jack in surprise, the delicious pleasure now suffused with pain.

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The combination of intense pleasure blended with the scratching pain from her nails and heels felt intoxicating to Jack and constrained him in his movements so much that he could only deliver to Adelina precisely the pleasure she wanted.
Firmly back in control of her younger lover, her soft velvety pussy muscles had given over to the unyielding sinewy grasp of harder flesh making Jack groan and work harder to fuck her.

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