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I looked up briefly and saw Rachel staring right at me.
Rather than cover up, she spread her legs even further, pushed her hips forward, smiled and gave me a big wink.
Then she put a finger deep into her pussy.

It was glistening with pussy juice when she took it out, toasted me with it and licked it clean.
What the fuck was going on here? She went right back to work leaving her hot cunt right in front of my eyes.

I figured if she didn’t mind my looking, I certainly didn’t mind either so I never did get to those exams.
I just gazed at that hot dripping cunt the entire period.
Chapter 3 From then on I got a glimpse of Rachel’s snatch every single day.

I think she rubbed it before class to make it red and wet, but I never caught her at it.
I started to take attendance seated at my desk third period rather than standing as I did in other classes, just so I could stare and, hopefully, not drool too much.

That’s all that happened for the next three weeks until we had a long weekend coming up for staff development the following Monday and Tuesday. Nude women in yakima. Swinging..
I was being paid per diem so I decided I didn’t need to be developed.
I was taking the days off to play golf.

I decided to stay late on Friday to finish all my paper work so I could have the whole weekend free.
Rachel popped her head in the door just as the students were leaving for the day asking, Hey, Mr.
Aren’t you leaving?

Everyone else just can’t wait for the weekend to start.
Not yet, Rachel.
I have a lot of work I want to do so I’ll have the whole weekend free.
I probably won’t get out of here until after four at the earliest.
You enjoy your weekend.

I was confused when she gave me Kazak cam girl. that big grin and slipped out the door without another word, but got back to my work.
As I figured, it was about 4:15 when I headed to the main entrance.
Of course, the office was closed and everyone had already left.

I expected the parking lot to be completely empty, but it wasn’t.
I Gambar kon. was surprised to see a dark SUV parked right next to the driver’s side of my car.
I walked diagonally across the lot, approaching from the other side.
As I got closer I noticed that the tailgate was open.

I pushed the release on my key remote and dropped my briefcase into the trunk.
Now that I was almost next to the SUV I could see that there were two bare legs sticking out the rear opening.
I looked into the rear compartment and staggered when I saw it was Rachel, naked from the waist down.

Rafe, a boy from my study period, was standing at the tailgate looking at her.

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Laryne laroche interracial.