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She sees that James is not wearing any shirt or pajama tops but has no idea he is totally nude beneath the covers.
Lauren is wearing a pair of light blue, shorty pajamas.

The bottoms are very short shorts and the top is a baby doll style thin fabric through which her areolas can faintly be seen but her nipples poking the fabric are easily detected.
James notices her top but does not stare or make comment about it.
So why are you here Chat with jackson mississippi girls.? he asks again.

Well, the other girls have all been drinking you dads vodka and have pretty much passed out.
Jamie said you have a big cock! So I thought I would come up and maybe see for myself.

She said WHAT? How would she know? She shouldnt say things like that. Black shock bdsm.
Shes never seen me. Black teacher big ass.
At least I dont think.
says James.
Well, I asked her that.
She said shes seen you getting out or while you were in the shower.
I dont know.
Something like that I guess.

She said it was only a quick peek anyhow.
Whats the big deal? Well, is it true? Do you? Obviously, by Laurens comments and slightly slurred speach, she has had some of the vodka as well, as she would never have been so forward with James.
Its none of your business, Lauren.

And besides, even if it did I wouldnt tell you, let alone show you.
Oh, I wouldnt want you to tell me either.
I want to see it, she says again with a naughty grin.
Lauren, have you been drinking too? She smiles and giggles.
Well, maybe just a little.

she giggles a bit more.
Ill tell you what, Ill make a deal with you.
You show me yours and Ill show you mine.

James begins to think.
Here he is in bed.
A few minutes ago he was jacking off while fantasizing about a woman in a girlie magazine and now here is a friend of his sister standing in his bedroom offering to show him her pussy if he shows her his cock.

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