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Yes, Sam, yes.
Good girl.
Good girr
uuhh, I failed to finish the sentence.

Things were getting closer to the end now.
Sam, I said, shortly, Im going to come.
If you want your boyfriend to
enjoy it, I told her, you must let him finish in your

mouth and you must not take it out whilst Im
hes ejaculating I corrected myself.

Do you
understand? Sam nodded, keeping the pace, her body tensing slightly in anticipation of what was to come.
I went on: If you want to be a really naughty girl; if you want it to be fantastic, youll swallow it for him.
Is this something you want to try? There was a slight hesitation.

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I sensed at this point she might not have expected me to ask her that.
She nodded again, eager to learn, like a good student.
Thats good, Sam, I said, hes going to love it, I know.

Now be a good girl and keep it going just as you are; Im nearly there. Free college guy porn college.
She intensified her motion, my hips following suit.
Sam, I said, my breathing becoming more pronounced, look me in the eye baby.
I hadnt said this as advice.
It wasnt for her benefit.
It just came out that way.

This was for me.
Her innocent eyes looked up into mine and she rolled them sensually, clearly now caught up in the moment.

This was it, I was going to come.
In an instant, my eyes saw again the young girl I had known for years
but it was too late to stop now.
Feelings of guilt washed over me, making the moment seem even more sordid, as I prepared to strip her of what innocence remained.
Then I came.

My hips left the bed and I forced my cock further into her mouth, taking her by surprise.
As I did so, my Licking smelly feet. balls tightened and I started to shoot my thick, mature, hot come onto her tongue.
Uuuuhhh I said in a loud, whispery moan.

Sams head reflexively jumping back a bit as she squealed slightly; the hot fluid hitting the back of her throat.
I saw her eyes, now closed, tighten slightly as the sensation took her by surprise.
She tried to pull away; her mouth almost leaving whilst I was mid-ejaculation but I put my hand on the back of her head and eased it forward again, saying gently but firmly: No Sam, you have to stay where you are.

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