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Smiling I replied, It was fun and Dalila_ts porn sex girls usa. he said he was gonna come back next week.
Putting her hands on her hips she said, Oh? Did he leave any money with you?

I pulled the money out of my basque as my mother walked up and snatched it from my hand, counting it to make sure it was all there.
You naughty girl, he must have liked you because he left you some extra in here.

I blushed as she put the money in her bra and looked at me up and down again and told me to go change because she had more plans for Missy tonight.
I just looked at her and wondered what those plans could have Quarter midget race tracks. been as I started walking to the stairs.

She stopped me and told me to drop all my clothes except for my thong.
I did as told leaving it on the floor in front of her as she smacked my ass and pointed upstairs. Widow dating butler.

It was after supper time when my mom called me Missy again.

I came into her room and she told me to sit down in the bathroom because she was gonna do my makeup after she laid out my outfit for the night.
Yes, Mistress Mommy, I replied and obeyed as I went to the bathroom to wait for her.
A few minutes later she walked in and sat down beside me.

She started with my eyes applying shadow and mascara then working down my cheeks and onto my lips.
All together, she laid the makeup on a little heavy but I didnt mind because I had become instantly hard.
Then she proceeded to do the same with her and placed the blonde wig back on my head.

She just looked at my erection and giggled as she handed me the cum stopper and lube and told me to put it on since I was ready so soon.
I slipped on the cum stopper and she finished with my makeup.
Well now dont you look pretty Missy, All the boys will want in your pants in no time, she teased as my face burned hot.

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