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In fact, she liked it.
Yes, spank me again.
I complied, slapping her ass as hard as I could, hearing her scream.

I decided to go one better, pushing a finger into her tight little butthole.
She groaned as I pushed my finger up to the knuckle.
I could feel her butt pulsating around my finger.
I pulled my finger from her ass Are there real dating sites. and pulled my cock from her pussy.

She seemed to know what I was thinking and reached back, spreading her ass open as wide as possible.

I pushed my cock into her ass.
I held on to her hips with both hands and slammed my cock all the way inside her, making her scream out loud.

I grabbed hold of her hair once more, using it to help me fuck her as best as I could. Webcam girl.
I pounded her ass for a minute before pulling her body up so we were both on our knees.
I held her by her throat with one hand, kneading and caressing her breast with the other.

You like getting fucked up the ass, dont you? Youre a little slut that loves being used.
Come here and suck my cock.
I pulled my cock from her ass and she quickly turned around and took my cock in her mouth.
She sucked me hard, expecting me to make her gag again.

I decided not to.
You like the taste of your ass on my cock, dont you? Go stand up against the wall.
She stood up and walked over to the wall.
I watched as she jutted out her ass for me as I stepped up behind her.

She spread it once more for me and I slid my cock inside her tight hole.
I pushed her up against the wall, slipping my hand under her arm and up to her throat.
I loved her throat; it felt so vulnerable in my hand and she seemed to relish it.

I slammed my cock into her butt, feeling her push back against me.
She groaned loudly as I pulled a little too hard on Updating firmware on router. her neck.

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