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He yells, Im cumming.
She swallows most of it, but he squirts 5 or 6 times, and the cums slowly leaks out.
She licks her lips.
He tells her, That was so hot.
Im glad Halloween xxx clips. you like it, but now its my turn.

He lays her on the bed.
He knows exactly what he wants to do to her.
He takes her top and bra off.
Wow, they are so beautiful.

He sucks on the left breast, while pinching the right.
He then switches.
She moans.

After about 10 minutes, he starts to kiss his way down to her belly, he circles around her belly button.
She has a belly button ring, he plays with it for a moment.
He pulls her skirt down, he keeps kissing from her belly button down to her mound.
She is trembling.
Are you cold?

No She is trembling at the anticipation.
He finds her clit and kisses it, For men wanting sex at rockport. she moans hmm.
He starts to lick her clit and reaches her pussy lips.

He licks and sucks on her clit and pussy lip.
He sticks his finger in her pussy. Hot pussy cassino one night stand.
She bucks, hmmmm, that feels so good.

He sticks a second and third finger into her pussy, she is so wet.
Oh, oh, oh, Im cumming.
She cums all over his face.
He licks all her juices.

He then moves over to lay down beside her.
They both rest for a bit.
She says, That was wonderful.
He says, Theres more to come, just rest a bit.
They chatted for a few minutes about themselves.

His hands started to roam over her breast.
Oh, I love your tits so much.
They are so big.
I want to fuck your tits now.
He brings his dick up to her mouth, so she can make him hard again.
Now he gets on top of her, she holds her tits together and he fucks her tits.

He is so hard, he puts his dick in her pussy, she is so tight.
He fucks her slowly at first, until she seems to be more relaxed.
Then he fucks her hard and fast.
He slows down for a bit and then rams it back in hard.

He pulls out and turns her over on all fours, then sticks his dick back in her pussy.
She is so wet.
He massages her ass while he fucks her.
I love your ass, its so hot.
He takes some of her cunt juices on his fingers and brings it up to her ass.

He massages her asshole.
She moans, hmmm, Im not sure about this.
Just relax baby, Ill be gentle, and you will enjoy it.

He keeps probing at her hole.
He puts more of her dripping cunt juices on her hole.

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