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One day when I’m too far removed from you, a dark entity without even a name I wish you could remember how much you always meant to me.
My route home took me through relatively undamaged areas that were free of roadblocks and time-consuming diversions. Any girls with a parkersburg chest.

My elderly neighbour Fred Curtis was out mowing his front lawn and gave me a cheery wave as I turned into my driveway.
He stopped his labours and came over.

My heart sank – Fred could be very talkative and hard to get away from; but he had always been a good neighbour and very kind to me, so I owed it to him to be sociable.
Besides, I’d left a spare set of my house keys with him, just in case, so I needed to get them back from him.

Been a few more aftershocks while you were away, he told me.

Some of yer crockery fell onto the floor, an’ I swept it up.
I hope there’s been no other damage.

I had already noticed fresh cracks in the concrete driveway, and Fred’s news made me apprehensive about what I might see when I got inside.
What’s the water situation? I asked. Setesss gaychat room.
We still gotta boil any from the tap before drinkin’ it, he said glumly.

But they had ten-litre containers o’ spring water in the supermarket, so I gotcha a couple before they ran out.
Ya’ll find ’em in yer kitchen. Bearded dating guy meme.
Bless you, Fred.

I gave him a quick hug and a peck on the cheek, then turned to unpack my stuff from the car.
Once alone in my house, I was tempted to open Fenella’s email message straight away; but I can be self-disciplined sometimes, and this time I wanted to ensure that I would be able to spend as much time as necessary to read and ponder about what Fenella had written, without the distraction of outstanding major chores waiting to be done.

First I went on a tour of inspection to see what if any new damage had occurred.
After sweeping up my broken crockery, Fred had left the debris on a piece of newspaper on my kitchen table so that I could see what had been broken; it was just a cup and saucer, a glass and a couple of plates that I had left to dry on the bench beside the sink.

Elsewhere, apart from some small cosmetic cracks in wall plastering, everything seemed to be intact.
Maintaining my self-discipline, I unpacked, put the clothes I had worn into the washing basket, laid out the clothes I’d need for my return to work the next day, fixed myself a lunch of tuna and lettuce salad sandwiches and a beer, took a chicken casserole and a pottle of cooked rice out of the freezer to thaw for my evening meal, then at last sat down with my tablet to read what Fenella had written.

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