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I love sucking you, too.
It been a long time since I’ve eaten pussy and I missed it so much.
You taste fantastic.
Oh, G.

I think I’m cumming.
Yes… yes… yes… I’m cummmmmmmmmmming.
Oohh, oohh, ungh, aaaaah.
Then she collapsed on my chest.
We waited there in the growing darkness for a few minutes when she started to giggle.

You know, I said, It’s usually insulting to laugh at your partner during sex.
I’m not laughing.
I’m just thinking how much better it was than I ever dreamed.
I can’t wait for you to fuck me.

Oh, Rachel, there’s nothing I want more, but do you really think we should? Absolutely! Yes! Definitely! There’s no question! I want you inside me.
I want Flirtymilf live sex videos to watch. to feel it all.
Your tongue made me explode when it was inside me.

I can’t wait to have your cock in me.
And, don’t worry.
I’m legal in this state—I just turned 16; I’m a virgin so there’s no need to worry about any diseases; and I’m on the pill for my period.

Well, I replied, what a wonderful scientific analysis of the facts.
It’s good to see how much I have been able to teach you in a few short weeks. Charli xcx sexy nude.
You’re funny, G.
But I’m more interested in what you can teach me right now.

With that she reversed out of 69 and lay on top of me, kissing me deeply again, clutching my head, and pushing her tongue deep into my throat.
She had cum once but I hadn’t.
That’s a problem (or is it a blessing?) that occurs when you get older.

As we kissed I rolled her over and told her how to position her legs.
You’re a virgin so this will hurt a bit at first, I told her, but it will go away quickly Livechatcam..
I know.
I’ve talked about it with my Mom and I’ve read about it on the internet.

I just know I want you inside me.
Is this why you’ve been grinning at me? And showing me your pussy in class?

How long have you been planning this? Ha, ever since you told Jason you didn’t give a ‘hoot.
’ That’s a funny term—‘hoot.

’ I thought then you’d be my first fuck.
Now, what do you say? Let’s fuck.
So we did.
I gently moved my cock head against her pussy lips, rubbing up and down and making her wet.
I tickled her growing clit with the tip of my cock, teasing her to make her more excited.

Rachel had teased me for almost three weeks.
Now it was my turn.
I moved my cock lightly over her hot cunt.
You’ve been teasing me for weeks.
Now, how do you like it? Please, G, don’t tease me.

I spread her labia and stuck my rock hard cock into her gently and slowly.

She was incredibly tight—like a wet hot velvety vise.
I let her adjust to my girth before moving in further.

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