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Iso fat cocked brainiac to fernhurst me out.

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Chad squirmed in his chair, God, I want you so badly, Miss Kelly.
I want to fuck your hot, wet, slutty cunt! Oh my, such a dirty mouth! she teased.
Does your cock ache for me?

Do you wish you could tie me up and use that amazing crop on my hot little cunt? Well, maybe you can earn that by behaving and taking your punishment.
Fuck, this was hot!

Chad thought.
He was certain his cock had never been harder! The more she teased and denied him, the more he wanted to ram his shaft into her sweet, wet hole!

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He’d give anything just to touch her glistening folds with his fingers and his tongue.
What’s the matter, baby? Are you frustrated? Reina asked.
Do you need to earn the right to own this pussy? She continued to tease her clit with the wand.

Her body began to move rhythmically; her breathy panting making him harder still.
Time after time, she got herself close, then edged her poor pussy until she could take no more. Voyeur swapping couples.
She needed to cum.

Her body arched as her orgasm began to take hold of her.
Her hips began to buck as she let go, her cum squirting out onto his desk.
She shuddered wildly as she held the wand in place, then brought herself off again quickly.

Her pussy was dripping Totally mature dating. and just out of reach of Chad’s mouth as he tried desperately to lean forward and taste her.
So close, and yet so far, Reina teased.
I think I need to be fucked now.

Chad’s moment of glee, that he would finally get to put his aching cock into her and fuck her blind, was fleeting.
He watched, instead, as she took out her favorite dildo, the big black cock, and laid back on his desk.

He had a clear view of her pussy as she fucked herself hard with it, pretending she was being fucked by another man in front of him.
She knew he loved the thought of that; God she was such a fucking delicious little tease! Oh God, yes! Fuck me with that big black cock!

It feels so fucking good! she cried out as she thrashed about on his desk.
Chad moaned loudly.
What’s the matter, Chad? Do you need this pussy? Do you wish it was your cock using me like a little slut?

Reina teased and tormented.
Fucking hell, Reina, you’ve got my dick so hard and my balls ready to burst.
Come on baby, please, undo these restraints and let me have you!

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Iso fat cocked brainiac to fernhurst me out.