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Kerry scrambled off the bed and rushed downstairs with Eddie in hot pursuit.
Eddies quick thinking made him pick up her bikini from the table and thrust it into hand.
Get it on.
He told her.
It was a good few minutes before Eddie walked into the hot tub room with Mark.
Its half time.

He told her.
I was just wondering if you were okay.
Kerry stood up letting him see that she was wearing her bikini.

Of course I am.
She told him.
Kerry has been behaving herself.

Eddie laughed.
Kerry smiled and looked admiring at Eddies brightly coloured swimming shorts.
The only problem was they were dry.
She wondered if Mark would notice; she also wondered where the other men were.

No one else joining you tonight? Mark asked. Beach naked girls.
Phil and Jeff were here earlier but I sent them back to get their swimming trunks; didnt think it was proper to have them naked with Kerry present and you Do u masturbate. not being here.
He explained.

They never came back.
Mark smiled.
Thanks for taking care of her.
Kerry had to look away.
You going to join us?

Eddie asked him.
Mark shook his head.
Better get back the second half will be starting.
He said before blowing Kerry as kiss.
See you later.
Eddie saw Mark out and then came back.

Where are the other? She asked him.
Eddie reached out with his hand to help her out of the tub.

They are upstairs waiting to fuck you again.
He told her.
Woo! Kerry called out.
Eddie tugged at her bikini bottoms.
Come One piece style bikini. on get them off and get upstairs.
Yes boss! She said as she pushed them off her hips while looking admiringly at the large bulge in Eddies trunks.

Tossing her bikini bra onto the floor alongside the bottoms she reached and took hold of the bulging material as she kissed him.
I like a man who is bossy in the bedroom.

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