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I was kissing him on his lips, and soon I felt him loosing his control and kissing me back.
He made me sit down, but kept kissing me.
As his hands moved to my breast, I grabbed his hand.
He must have thought that I was going to push his hand away from my body, and I did so.

I did pushed away his hand away from my body, but just to take off my shirt.
After undoing all the buttons of my shirt, I undid all the buttons of Mr.
Dennings shirt.

I took off his shirt, and then took off my shirt totally.

I again moved to kiss him, and he leaned over me.
He made me lie down in the couch, and moved to kiss all over my neck.
I was smiling to have the hottest man all over my body.

His hand was slowly feeling my boobs through my bra, and my hand was moving all over his bare back.
Denning grabbed me in his arms, and lifted me Sexiest female strippers naked..

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He took me to his bed, and made me sit down.
While he was standing in front of me, I reached for the hook off my bra on my back and I unhooked it.
I took off my bra, and now I was sitting topless in front of him.

I couldnt look into his eyes because I was feeling shy in showing my boobs to my teacher.
I looked down.
Denning came closer to me, and with his finger under my chin, he tilted my head making me look up at him.
He kissed me.
Brushing my hands on his abs I moved down to his crotch.

Denning stopped kissing me, and stood still Asian seeking white. in front of me.
Not looking at him and feeling very shy, I undid his pants and then pulled it down to his knees.
His hard cock was trying to come out of his underwear.

I grabbed his underwear, and pulled it down too.
I smiled secretly looking down at his big hard cock.
Denning took off his clothes totally.

You are a very beautiful girl, Mr.
Denning said.
I looked at him, and tried to grab his cock, but he pushed me on my back and came over me.

I felt so good as my boobs pressed on his bare chest, and he kissed me all over my neck again.
He was gently biting on my neck and I was so enjoying it.
His hand moved up to my boobs, and rubbed my nipples.

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