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Interracial gloryhole initiations.

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As he slid all the way in I put my legs around his waist and my arms around his back and then enjoyed the ride.
He liked to fuck me hard in a missionary position; he said he liked to watch me come, that my face was beautiful when I did.
Mm, baby, God, you fill me up, I moaned in his ear.

That made him pound me even harder and as he did I drew closer to coming.
I had always been a loud lover and when the first wave of the orgasm began to travel out from my clit to my finger tips and toes I let go of a long loud moan, yes, yes, fuck me fuck me, make me come, make me come!

When he was ready he pulled out and jerked off between my legs.
I loved to watch him do it; I thought it was very sexy.
His juices landed on my tummy and boobs.

Ah, that was good, baby.
I needed that, he said and got off the bed and went into the bathroom.
I stayed on the bed playing with the drops of cum on my skin until he came back out and then I went inside and washed up.

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When I walked back out he was snoring naked on the bed so I gave his cock a Bondage torture art. kiss and lay down next to him.
What was that sound? said Max from where he sat in the fishing chair which was screwed to the floor.
That, baby, was the sound of love.

What? he turned around and looked at me.
The chair could swivel and he had let go of the rod that sat in its holder and was facing me, beer in hand.
Im pretty sure that was Jack and Luci having a roll in the bed.
Good for them.
Yeah? Darn, I didnt know she was such a loud lover.

I lowered my sunglasses.
Why would you? I mean its not like you have been with her or heard them before.
He got out of the chair and helped himself to another beer.
His skin was shiny from the sun oil he had put on earlier and his muscles played under it.

He looked so good, I thought.
No Eskimo girl nude in snow., but still, the way she is and acts have always made me think she is, you know, quiet, kind of boring maybe.
He sat down again.

You shouldnt believe everything you see.
Look at me for example, most people think I am a stuck up bitch, which is fine, thats work.
What they dont know is that I love to take it in the ass and swallow cum.
Max grinned at me and begged me to come over.
What do you want?

I said, teasing him, like if I didnt know.
I think its time for your dessert.

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Interracial gloryhole initiations.