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Orgy by the swmming pool.

I spend a weekend a month screwing around and I’m having another affair on the side with a woman.
’ ‘You’re still wearing my ring, you always come home to me.
Well, except when attached to a respirator.
’ ‘Don’t joke Andy.
’ ‘Candy love.
I love you.

All of you.
Complicated, confused crazy you.
I think we can make it work, whatever it is.

’ ‘I don’t know,’ she said shaking her head.
‘I don’t know who I am.

I don’t know what I’m doing but I can’t go on like this.
’ Andy reached over and stroked her hair.
‘No one is insisting that you do that.

There may be a few guys at the clubs who’ll miss their blow jobs, but they’ll get over it.
I think Marsha and I can work things out.
’ ‘Andy stop being so damned optimistic.
’ ‘I have reasons for my optimism.

’ ‘Andy, you’re being devious.
’ She grinned at him for a moment.
‘Which is what I’ve been I suppose.
Whatever it is you’ve got up your sleeve please don’t make me laugh, it hurts my chest too much. Guy fucks midget.
’ ‘Take as deep a breath as you can love.
There’s more to come.

Where’s the key to my cage?’ ‘Oh God, I don’t know.
I’ve been worrying about it since I woke up.
I haven’t got it.
It must be in the car wreck.
I’m sure we can get a spare or chop the lock off in some way.
We should get that thing off and throw it away.

Dating someone with depression and social anxiety.
’ ‘Marsha has the Anutii teen chat rk. key.
’ This time her eyes widened and her eyebrows set off towards her hairline.
‘The plot thickens,’ she said.
‘She felt sorry for me.
’ ‘Did she take it off?’ ‘Temporarily.
’ Another long pause while she processed that.
‘So you have it on now.

’ ‘Yes.
’ ‘And she’s got the key?’ ‘Yes.
’ ‘Well how will you get it off again? Have I got to ask her for the key.
She’s not on this ward.
I won’t see her till I’m out.
Why did she put it back on?

Was that some crazy loyalty to me?’ ‘I put it back on and it was loyalty to you.
’ ‘Well how will you get it off again.
’ ‘I’ll ask her when I get home.
’ ‘She’s at home? Oh, I guess I deserve that.
Have you stolen my girlfriend.

’ ‘I haven’t stolen her.
She may have fucked me a couple of times, but she’s still yours.
’ ‘MW,’ she said.
‘Same both ways.

Oh God, I’m trying not to laugh.
You’re serious.
She’s at our house.
What’s she doing?’ ‘Sleeping in our bed I think.

She’s been on nights for a week.
’ ‘And when she wakes up you’re going to screw her again?’ ‘If she wants to.

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