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John showed up the next morning without Joan.
He told us she had enough sun and wanted to stay in the shade and read a book.
He confirmed that Joan had no problem with him joining us at the beach.

John sat down and we chatted.
After an hour or so, I surprised Ken by asking, Ken, didn’t you say you wanted to hang by the pool? That’s fine with me, but I’d like to stay at the beach.

I caught Ken by surprise, but he isn’t a fool.
He played along as he got up and confirmed my statement.
He added, As long as John is here to look after you.

I’ll see you later.
As Ken walked back to our pool, John seemed pretty happy.
We chatted as he stared at my tits.

I sat up, turned my back to John, and asked him to put some lotion on my back.
He didn’t hesitate as he took the lotion, squeezed it into his hands, and rubbed it on my back.
He touched the sides of my tits as he rubbed the lotion on my back.
I felt really naughty.

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My nipples were hard.
I then hesitated, but boldly asked John a question I already knew the answer to.
I asked, John, can you rub some lotion on my front?

I think my tits are getting too much sun, and you already have the lotion out.
Two seconds later, John was fondling my naked tits.
He rubbed lotion all over my tits, but spent more time than necessary rubbing my hard nipples.

He would have gone on all day, but enough was enough.
I turned to John and simply said, Thanks.
Let’s keep this to ourselves.

I don’t want Ken to know you fondled my tits, and I’m sure you don’t want Joan to know.
I pretty much knew you wanted to fondle my tits, and since I’ve been flaunting them all morning, what’s wrong with some naughty fun? I assume you enjoyed yourself.

John mumbled, That’s the understatement of the year.
I certainly won’t share this with Joan.
She’d cut my balls off.
Now that we’ve gotten to know each other better, can I take Dirty talk porn orgy. a photo of you? I want something to remind me this wasn’t a dream.
I laughed and said, Sure, I don’t mind.

I know you will masturbate when you look at my topless photo.
You will beat-off, won’t you? All men like to beat-off.

John was mortified by my frank talk.
But he was beyond any denial.
He replied, You understand a Vitaminka2606 desi live sex 2019. lot about men, don’t you?

So, yes.
I’m sure I’ll masturbate looking at your tits.

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Im looking for sex in atlanta.