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I would like to make a female friend out here.

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He turned around and scooped her up in his arms and lifted her onto the edge of the hot tub.
He leapt up behind her and then scooped her up again in his arms.
She put her arms around his neck as he carried her away; she was wet and dripping with water but she allowed him to carry her away.

Kerry knew before he started to climb the stairs where he was taking her; he was taking her to be fucked.
She could feel his erection pressing against her bottom; she could see the two men following on behind, their erections swaying from side to side.

They too would be fucking her; Eddie would be fucking her; all three of them would be fucking her.
Eddie laid her gently on his bed and as the two other got on the bed either side of her, Eddie lay between her thighs.

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Kerry was already spreading her thighs for him before his hands began to gently push her thighs apart.
She knew instinctively knew what he was going to do; she knew that he was an experienced lover; she knew that he would do all what good lovers do, he would prepare her for cock.

He would arouse her with his tongue; tease her with his fingers and set her clitoris on fire.
Kerry groaned as his tongue Husband grabs wife in cunt. entered her.
She turned and saw an erect cock inches from her face and she reached out for it.

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She would also do what all good lovers do; she would prepare cock for her cunt.
Kiss it; lick it; suck it, bring it to its fullness in readiness.
The man groaned as she wrapped her lips around it.

With her other hand she reached out and found the other cock waiting patiently for her.
She would hold it in her hand and keep it ready and prepared for her cunt.
Her preparations soon went awry though, Eddies tongue was becoming too much for her.

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I would like to make a female friend out here.