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She does as told.
He is enjoying being in control.
Stunned at his own forcefulness.
But seeing her laid back on the desk, her creamy white skin in contrast to the dark mahogany wood while she finger fucks herself has gotten him hard again.

Her pussy is oozing and dripping tasty juices all over the place.
But tasting her will come later.
After stripping naked he stands between her legs and rubs his cock with the head shiny and purple, up and down her wet slit.
Her eyes glued to his erection.

She moans as she is unable to hide her enjoyment.
Taking her legs in his hands he puts her feet on his shoulders and forcefully shoves his rigid man meat into her cunt.
Causing her to whimper.
He fucks her pussy for several long deep strokes before pulling it out.

She groans in disappointment of losing him inside her.
With is cock good and wet with the wetness from her pussy he places the head right against her equally moistened ass.
Oh no, please, I’ve never been fucked in the ass.

Don’t do it, I beg you.
Rebecca slurs as she is lost between pleasure and uncertainty. Adult sex cam roulette free no credit card.
Shut up, you are my slave and you will do whatever I wish.

Seeing that you’ve never had a cock up your ass before I want you to ask Natalie portman does porn. me, no.
beg me to fuck your ass.
Beg master to take your anal cherry.

With fear and questioning in her eyes she hesitantly speaks, Master, I would like you to fuck me in the ass.
Not good enough, beg me.
Make me believe you mean what you’re saying.
Oh Mr.
Please, I beg you.
I’ve never had a dick in my ass before.

I NEED you to fuck my tight asshole, take my cherry there.
Make me your ass fuck loving arrrrgh.
Once again before she is able to complete her sentence Andy is pushing himself inside her.
Just until the head pops inside past the crown allowing her to adjust to it.

Then he slowly eases his long shaft inside her until he is balls deep.
Her breathing is heavy and labored.
Slowly he begins to saw in and out of her tight back door.
She is again making sounds Webcamchat indonesia..
But these grunts, groans, and moans are different.

They sound primal.
From deep in her throat and soul, her hands clutching at the desk.
As the waves of shock from being filled begin to make way for the waves of pleasure that she unexpectedly feels, her back arches and her eyes roll back.

He sees this and knows that she is completely his.
She has succumbed to her new role.
Getting up onto her elbows and lifting her head she gazes down to watch as his body moves in and out.

He begins to pump faster into her.
She opens her mouth to speak but all that comes out is deep and husky sounds of lust and ecstasy.

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I wanna llano new mexico fem girl.