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Kay, but hurry please.
I’ll meet you by the car, she said, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue as I opened the door.
I will, I answered, pulling the door shut behind me.

I hurried toward Doug’s office, but was stopped by one of the secretaries.
What’s going on? Is Natalie all right? she asked, her voice filled with concern.

She will be, I answered, continuing on to Doug’s office.
Not wanting to waste time with long explanations, I poked my head through his door.
Hey Doug, Natalie isn’t feeling well and needs me to Adam hustler shooting. drive her home.

Is it all right if I take off?

He looked up from his work.
Yeah sure, go ahead.
Hope it’s nothing serious, he called, as I was already headed toward the exit.

Natalie was waiting beside my truck by the time I reached the parking lot.
I opened the door and helped her climb in, Her knee length skirt slid up over her slippery black pantyhose, exposing her shapely legs from the middle of her thigh down.

Even more inappropriate thoughts popped into my head.
I loved women in stockings and pantyhose, especially sheer black like Natalie was wearing today, and I found it difficult to drive while stealing glances at her sculpted legs. How big is colin farrells cock.
The drive only took fifteen minutes, but felt much longer to me.

Thank you for doing this.
I don’t think I could have driven myself, Natalie said, as I parked in her driveway.
I reached over and gently squeezed her small hand.

No problem, I wish there was more I could do, I said, taking another quick glance down at her legs.
She forced a smile and shook her head.
There’s nothing anyone can do.
I just have to stop blubbering and deal with it.
But, I’m glad you were there for me.

I really do appreciate it.
She opened the door to get out, but stopped as if thinking, then turned back to me.
Want to come in for a bit? she asked.

Please, I don’t want to be alone right now, she added when I hesitated.
I had hesitated only because I feared doing something stupid to further upset her, or ruin our friendship.
However, I could never refuse her anything and agreed.

She climbed out of the truck and I followed her into the house.
Have a seat.
I’ll be right back, she said, waving her arm toward the sofa as we Utorrent rss feed not updating. passed through the elegant living room.
It felt good to sink into the overstuffed cushions of the sofa and relax.

I watched Natalie as she continued on into the kitchen.
The soft curls of golden hair bounced about her shoulders and her skirt hugged the slight flare of her narrow hips and swished around her gorgeous legs just above her knees.

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Hundreds of dots on your penis.